Private Home Fittings

Shop in the comfort of your own home


Here's how we do it: 

1. Contact us via WhatsApp.

2. Tell us what shoes you would love to try & we will advise you as to availability & sizing.

3. We will arrange for an array of shoes matching your choices to be sent to your home*. 

4. A regular driver is used for safety & cleanliness. 

5. Enjoy your trying on the shoes at your own time and call us if you need any help while doing so.

6. Select the ones you love and let us know when you are done.

7. The same driver will come by to collect the remaining shoes. 

8. Payment details will be sent directly to you. 

*Deliveries available in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, fees may be chargeable.


C'est fini! What a great way to shop!